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Jeremy Howard (Houston, Texas, United States)
Every Day Blades

The Damascus DMF is amazing. It’s been along time since I’ve been excited about a knife. This one has me excited. From the fit and finish,To the fine materials used And the amazing ergonomics. This knife is a winner.

Ryan Eakins (Zion, Illinois, United States)

This is an amazing folder! From the smith operation to the stable liner lock. Everything is solid and what I was hoping for. The price was intimidating at first but once I held it I forgot about it. Seriously great work y’all

Clifford Murray (Anchorage, Alaska, United States)
Beauty and Strength

I love this blade and I love the back story of these makers. Worth every cent. The inlays are perfect accents to blade and handle. The blade is stout and sharp.

OxiDado (New York, New York, United States)
Form, Fit, Function, and (half) Finish

The show side of this knife is stunning. The form of the knife is so friendly for a preferred grip. I have LARGE (xxxl) hands, and it fits my mitt like no other. The function is second to none for its intended uses. With all the good out there, let’s start with opportunity. The non show side of the blade is underwhelming at best. It truly looks like an afterthought. Although stunning enough to be a display piece, that’s not this knives intended use. For $400 plus dollars, it should have a symmetrical level of beauty. The external stop pins provide an excellent spot to easily reverse flick for deployment, and the one sided, deep fuller has amazing function for deployment as well. The only other suggestion that I might add in there is a little jimping on the bottom side of the scales in order to get a better grip when the karambit style grip is chosen. Good knife with the ability to be a Great one, with minor improvements.

Stephen Vernille (Norristown, Pennsylvania, United States)

Awesome knife. Only downside is it’s hard to close.

Hey Stephen, thanks for the feedback and excellent review. Given time and use, the knife will become easier to open and close. If you think it needs attention, email us at, and we will take care of it. We warranty all of our knives.