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  • The Award Winner.

    Sniper Bladeworks earned the Blade Show Tactical Folder Award for its LPC. This everyday carry folding knife everything you need: ergonomic design, aerospace materials, and robust, overbuilt engineering.

    Made of S30V, this LPC has been upgraded to run on bearings and features a steel combination over-travel locking device. The result is the tightest tolerances on our LPC platform that we have ever offered.

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Joshua Morales
LPC is straight fire at this price

This LPC is an amazing knife and the price is perfect for the build quality and materials. I have read some say they would pay $700 and yes the quality is at the level but for me as a normal everyday roofer and laborer $325 was perfect price for me and is what attracted me to the LPC rather than a hjnder or strider or Medford which can be very expensive for the everyday guy that uses their knives. The LPC in my opinion is so much better than a strider or emerson or medford all which I have purchased owned and used and sold, because of the coolness of the brand and the amazing and practical design of the LPC, and the price all make it something I'm keeping to pass down to my son. I hope they get enough support to have a production and custom shop to accommodate both fans pockets but even if the prices go up I will still save and purchase that's how good the design is. People are sleeping on sniperbladeworks. The only knife at this price point that is almost same quality is a microtech socom elite and I say almost cause I received the socom with a chip in the tanto part of the blade brand new.. my LPC came perfect just needed a drop of oil on the pivot and it whips open and drop shuts closed. Amazing product I cant say enough and I will be purchasing more from them. Accessories and apparel would be so cool especially with this logo I would purchase as well. Keep up the amazing work.

Martin Levion
LPC review

I like everything about this knife except the opening motion. In my opinion the thumb stud needs to be slightly closer to the point of the blade to get a tiny bit more of additional leverage - or - the detent in the closed position needs to offer slightly less resistance. As it is, I need to push on the thumb stud from a very precise angle or offer a little “assistance” by pulling slightly outward with my middle finger to the outside of the "retention bar” while opening - while this works, it requires a level of precision that would not be good in an emergency or a situation where my attention needed to be focussed elsewhere while opening the knife.

Jeremy Howard
Epic Knife

This is my second sniper bladeworks knife. I also own the DMF. They are both epic knives. I run one of the worlds knife collecting groups. I see a lot of knives. These are the real deal. The design and quality are in the top 10% of knives in my opinion. Great job guys!!!

Jeremy Howard
Knife perfection

I received the DMF first. It was amazing. I liked it so much I had to buy the LPC. I received it today. It did not disappoint. Both of these knives are awesome. Great job guys. You have a bright future!!!!

Brad Young

I’ve been collecting and using knives for years. This is a monster of a knife. I put this up there with the striders and hinderers. I’ve had both. This is insane for $350. This could easily damn $650+